Friday, 16 February 2007


I love our caravan, I've seen a few on ebay but still like ours the most. It's just about the time of year that we can start planning the first trip away. Last year we brought the van in January, saved up for a car to pull it and bought the car in June. So for our first 5 months of caravan ownership the only only night spent in the van was in March in the back garden to "test" it out. The night turned out to be one of the coldest in 2006, I think we may have been lucky to survive the -5 temperature :)

Elaine wants to visit the seaside in Estelle (the van) and I want to go to a forest this year, be interesting to see if we manage both :)

Now I am peacefully looking forward to the weekend :)

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sarah-lou-u-know-who said...

awwww you are in actual fact wuite a sad person aint ya
only joking but this cant be healthy
now i gonna set one up hehe

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