Sunday, 20 May 2007

Sunday May 20th

Busy little Sunday

What have I done?

I got up just before 10, oops not going church then :)

Began to attack the hall again, this time I did wear a mask, so mum and Baz don't worry, I took a photo so you can see!

Took me a good few hours and a few hammer hits to my left hand. Found 2 blocked up door ways, kinda messes up my plan a bit but only a bit.

Went to tip, not as busy as i thought it would be :)

Cleaned out all the animals

Went to asda and got a shed load of cat litter and some bits and peices

Mowed the lawn

Made myself hot dogs, see picture!

Trimmed one of my hedges

Laid on my hammock and am now playing on the puter

Me and my mask and my hotdogs


Anonymous said...

blimey!!! well thats done it!

Sam said...

What are you doing with the hallway now? Are you re-plastering it, or going for the New York loft-style brickwork look?

ew78uk said...

the plan was new york :)
that was until i found 2 blocked up door ways that make it look somewhat bodged so we are now plastering!

Sam said...

How could you fit two doorways in that length of hall?!

Could you not get rid of the wall altogether?

ew78uk said...

hummmm open plan living or what, but then the cat and rabbit odour would escape into the lounge

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